3 Myths that can put your Feline in Danger

Most myths are relatively harmless, but every now and then one will proliferate, putting people, or their pets, in danger. Several myths regarding felines have spread in recent years, unfortunately, if believed and acted on, these myths can put your kitty in danger. Protect your cat by staying educated – understand the science behind health and longevity.

Cute cat


  • Cats can be left alone for long periods of time. According to a variety of surveys, many people choose felines as a pet because they believe cats can be left alone for long periods of time. While it’s true that they don’t require walks like dogs do, they still require a certain amount of interaction and stimulation. When left in a solitary environment, cats can develop unwanted behaviors such as furniture destruction, marking of territory, and general depression.
  • All cat food is created equal. Much like us, a cat’s diet pretty much determines its level of health. Cheap, generic, store-bought cat foods are loaded with fillers and lack protein, which is a cat’s most important nutrient. Prescription foods are a far better choice, and if time and ability permits, homemade ones are even better, with meals designed specifically for your cat’s age, and environment.
  • Declawing is a better alternative to regular nail trimming. Your cat’s claws are essential to many of its daily activities and functions. Without them, your cat has no means of defense, should they ever wind up outside, and are less able to hunt and fend for themselves. The procedure is painful, and can lead to permanent tissue scarring around sensitive areas of the footpads. Instead, opt for regular nail trimming with a tool designed specifically for that purpose.


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