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“Phoenix is a retired bomb dog. Within a week to 10 days of him being on FlexPet we could really see a difference. He’s about 13 years old now and he gets around quite well. He’s really been a pleasure. We want to thank you FlexPet!”
- Chuck



jojo“JoJo has now been on FlexPet for about four months and I have seen a huge improvement in the way that she runs, plays and retains her puppy like energy. JoJo used to favor one leg all the time and on her really bad days she wouldn’t put any weight on her bad knee. Since she has been taking FlexPet her bad days have become less and less and her puppy days have returned!! Thank you for improving the life of my pet.”
- Kelsey



My 20 year old gelding Sam has been taking your supplements and licks his bowl every single day as always. When I first got Sam, he moved kind of slow, and now he can circle that paddock like the wind. He just did so the other night when I separated him from his buddy. It was scary how fast he ran!

- Patti Franklin

“My 14 year old poodle is alive because of FlexPet! He had some sort of problem which was very painful with his neck and shoulder. I was about 3 days from putting him to sleep. I ordered FlexPet which came within 2 days, and in 3 days he was a different dog. And still no problems today. He runs around like a young boy now.”

- Sandy Goddard Boomgaarden

“I just had to share my testimony with you. My granddaughter’s miniature dachshund Sophie all of a sudden would not come out of her bed. She would whine and whimper and drag her back legs. This was not like her at all; she was always so active and full of life. My daughter took her to the vet and she had several disks that were deteriorating. They gave her pain medication & cortisone. She was still whimpering a lot and would drag her back legs when she tried to walk after taking the medicine for a month. I decided to do research on the internet and found the Flexcin website. I ordered the FlexPet. She runs and jumps like nothing ever happened. Before she could not even jump on the couch, now nothing stops her. She is healthy and very active. Thanks so much for offering us such a wonderful product. If anyone is undecided if this will work, I want to tell you to just try it. I know you will not be disappointed.”

- Bonnie Reinwald

CarolI adopted Dudley in August 2010. He was a 9 year old lab mix, giant breed at 125lbs. He had bad hip dyspasia and arthritis, so the first order was to get his weight down.

A lot of activity wasn’t possible so we improved his food and little by little, month’s later he was down 15lbs to 110 lbs. He was on daily pain meds and it helped but there were still times when he could hardly walk. We tried glucosamine supplements with no improvement.

One day I noticed a discussion on a holistic vet page on facebook. I asked for advice and someone recommended Flexpet. I checkout the website, did some research and watched the video…then I ordered some. I had read it could take up to 6 weeks to kick in. After 5 weeks I saw no change so I called Flexpet and they said to give it 6 weeks. And one week later…6 weeks from the day we started I saw an improvement. He was (and is) far more agile and able to move about.

I am convinced that Flexpet has saved his life. He is still a huge dog and if he can’t walk we can’t carry him. You have added years on his life. And he is an incredibly happy guy

- Carol

anne-share2“Just a short note to tell you that FlexPet is the greatest and it has done wonders for my three dogs. My oldest dog is a very tiny Yorkie/Maltese puppy I rescued when she was 3 months old. She was never healthy and the vet told me she would never live to see 10 years of age. She began losing her eyesight around age 9. She was running after a ball and went right into a tree. That was the beginning of her disc problem in her back. As she got older it was painful to me to see her walk all scrunched over and obviously in pain. She was 12 by the time I heard about FlexPet but I started her on it and in a very short time she was going on short little walks with me and looking for her dog biscuits again. (She had no appetite when her back was hurting). Her last two years of life she was pain free and I have FlexPet to thank.

I have another dog that did major damage to her knee while racing the lure course. She required surgery and the doctor said in about six months her other knee would have to be operated on. I started her on FlexPet immediately and at her six-week check up, the vet was amazed at how quickly she was healing. It will be a year next week since her surgery and since that time, she won a third place ribbon racing and she runs out of the house each morning looking for squirrels! The vet hasn’t said a word about another surgery so my guess is that the FlexPet has done its job on both knees.

My third dog will soon be 10 years old and she’s on FlexPet for prevention. She’s a 7lb Yorkie who also races. She actually beat six Jack Russell Terriers in the last lure course race. My conclusion is FlexPet is an awesome joint healer and this house will not ever be without it when there are animals around. I would recommend it to all pet owners for prevention and healing of any joint problems.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.”

- Candy Misner